“Category B” Skipper Course

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“Category B” Skipper Course

A person certified as Category B Skipper Course is authorized to operate boats, yachts, and fishing boats up to 30 GT for personal use, passenger, and cargo boats up to 3 NM from the coast of the mainland or island.

Learn the basics of navigation, boat maneuvers, docking & undocking, and much more with our professional Captain Master Mariner.

Through theoretical preparation, candidates will gain all the necessary knowledge and skills to take the exam at the Port Authority.

Length of Category B Skipper Course is 6 hrs. Times can be agreed individually with client.

Price of course is 600 kn per person.

Practical Courses are available for candidates willing to master their practical skills.

Category B Skipper Course is not only for beginners but also for advanced users who want to get to know the boat and the area.

We highly recommend this service for beginners who charter the boat for more than one day.