Skipper Boat Transfer – Skipper training

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Boat Transfers

Boat Transfers can be arranged within 24 hours before transfer no matter it is a sailboat, motor yacht, catamaran or any other kind of boat that needs to be transferred.

Price: individually agreed with the client

Skipper training

Driving a boat is not like parking a car.  To have your vacation safer it is wise to have a training before u let go ropes.

Are you confident in your boat skills? Do you know your boat? Are u familiar with surrounding area of sailing and with local phenomena?

Learn the basics of navigation, boat maneuvers, docking & undocking and much more with our professional Captain Master Mariner.

Skipper training is only for beginners but also for advanced users who want to get to know the boat and the area.

We highly recommend this service for beginners who charter the boat for more than one day.

The skipper can finish the skipper training with you after showing you the boat. It will make you feel secure and confident for the days to come.

Price: individually agreed with the client